7 Continents, 195 Countries, So Many Ciders

Our founding brewer, Matt, began brewing cider in 2011 shortly after being diagnosed as a celiac. For those of you who can actually eat bread, this meant an end to his illustrious beer drinking career. Fast forward 5 years and he convinced his wife to make a business out of it. If you get her alone she’ll quietly share that this was likely a mid-life crisis. Nonetheless, Saro Cider was born.

We often get asked about the name. First, how to pronounce it. It rhymes with “arrow.” Then, “from whence it came?” We named our cidery for the SAmpson-ROth British passenger plane that was the first to land on water. It took to air, land and sea. We were impressed with the plane’s versatility, just like cider can be (versatile, not the landing on water part). And there you have it. We’ve built our cidery on the idea of travel & exploration because it’s fun to take a vacation, and it’s adventurous to try new things.

Our Team

Matt photo


Nerd, Celiac, Nacho-Snob

Favorite Cider: Jalapeno

"The subtle heat of the jalapeño balances perfectly with the apple and the fewer carbs balances perfectly with my nachos. I love it with a lime or jalapeño slice."

Tracy photo


Mom, Reader, Taste Tester

Favorite Cider: Botanical

"I love the floral aroma. It smells sweet but it finishes dry. I could drink it all night, and it’s healthy for you, right?"

Chris photo


Biker, Punny Guy, Dungeon Master

Favorite Cider: Ardennes, Witbier inspired cider

"It’s the only good one. Nah, just kidding. They’re all good but this dry cider with a hint of spice and citrus is just about perfect."

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